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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

If you are looking for great corporate consulting firm for professional services (procurement and equipment supply), look no further than Meryres Consulting.

Meryres Consulting offers world class corporate consultancy services for corporate and private individuals especially for oil and gas industries.

Meryres Consulting will be kicking off another training session for Nigeria Local Content Management Training (Course) come this November, 2020. Seize this opportunity to develop your capacity, unleash your potentials or that of your workforce(staffs) and move to the zenith of your career ladder.


This training course will enhance your ability to identify, determine and manage local content strategies in the oil and gas business. It will boost your skills in mastering the implications of local content provisions over the execution of an oil field development project, mainly in terms of procurement and personnel management.

At the end of the training, you will learn to;

  • Identify the key factor in the local content provisions applicable to contractual context and access their impact over the execution of an oil field development project.

  • Participate in the development and implementing of local content strategy and execution of local content management plan, take part in a procurement contract tendering, negotiation and follow-up, take into account the impacts of local provisions on workforce management.

  • Manage local content regulations and requirement in key oil and gas producing nations around the world.

  • Understanding the latest updates to local calculation methodology and its impact to your projects and planning.

  • Participate in the elaboration of a local management plan.

  • Acquire professional certification in Nigeria Local Content Management.

  • Learn how to significantly improve your management of local content internally and across your supplier base.

The time is Now! Utilize these opportunity and stand out from the crowd in the corporate/professional world

Good news!

Discount available for our first five (5) participants

For inquiries and booking reservation please call +2349067546700 or 08071572868 better still, Visit our website on for booking and training reservations.

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