Updated: Oct 28, 2020

For over two years and more, Meryres Consulting has been providing strategic and corporate world class solutions to corporate organizations and private individuals nationwide, providing them with industry-recognized and internationally accredited courses such as Nigerian Content Management & Compliance Services, Procurement, Entrepreneurship Development, Maintenance Management, Marketing & Sales Training, Tendering & Bid Management, Business Development, Engineering Materials Management. Project Management, ICT Training, Research Methodology, Technology Development (Mechantronics) Training and the skills needed to thrive in a business landscape. We have supported our clients through periods of economic turmoil and crisis, and we are proud to have always been at their side.

Moreover, the emergence of corona virus pandemic has profoundly transformed and shaped our lives currently, both professionally and personally in every facet of life.

Therefore, as we gradually enter the next

phase of the corona virus pandemic and

a sustainable future. How we react in the next coming months will indeed impact how we operate in the next one year and our achievements as corporate and private individuals.

As such, corporate organizations (oil and gas industries, construction/real estate, health care, I.C.T, Natural resources, services and utilities industries should be taking steps to prepare and adjust to post pandemic realities and come up with strategies, techniques and work operations that is in line with WHO guidelines and recommendations in addition to that, draft and implement sustainable development practices and innovative ideas that give room for individual and corporate development. On our part, we are taking steps to prepare you and your businesses for the challenges of the post-pandemic business landscape, starting with our course offering and how we operate as a corporate consulting organization.

As a fully registered organization and accredited training and oil and gas essential service providers , we are renowned for working with select industry partners, and we are continuing to work with our trusted partners to ensure your safety and comfort while you engage with your chosen services and expertise.



  • We will only run our training courses at select, trusted venues that can ensure the protection of our delegates and our consultants.

  • We have worked with our trusted partners to ensure they meet international guidelines with regards to sanitation and social distancing protocols under WHO standards.

  • Online virtual classes (coming soonest)

Pre-Training/Appointment Commencement

  • All courses will be limited to trainees, to adhere to Government social distancing guidelines.

  • Upon arrival at the training venue, your temperature will be taken to ensure all trainees’ and staffs safety.

  • We will also maintain a PPE station, where delegates collect their personal PPE pack, which will contain face masks, gloves and high quality hand sanitizer.

  • All appointment shall be pre booked via our website and telephone in other to ensure ensure effective service delivery and right timing.

During the Course

  • We will be implementing a 2-meter zone in our training halls/rooms and breakout spaces to ensure trainees safety.

  • We are a trust worthy and efficiency driven organization, we will make sure every participants is provided with the specified training materials upon arrivals. In addition to that, our world class facilitators will ensure that the objective of every participants are met, as we realize that adults are motivated to engage in training programmes because of the need to solve a socio-economic or personal problems.

Lunch and Breakout Sessions

  • To ensure our trainees’ comfort and safety, we will no longer operate buffet breakfasts, lunches, and breakouts.

  • Each delegate will receive a personal “breakfast package which can be enjoyed personally within the dedicated breakout room.

Post-Course (Training) Completion and Certificate

  • On completion of your training, certificate will be provided in a sealed package.

  • We will also be offering home delivery options for participants (trainees) should they prefer this option.

Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought globally, Meryres Consulting is ever ready and committed to deliver excellence world class consulting services with great efficiency and integrity.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our specialist consultants, please contact us on info@meryresconsulting.com or call +2349067546700, +2348071572868


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